Virtual Business Owners Network

The Virtual Business Owners Network is a proven platform for business owners and decision makers to meet in the right environment for their mutual benefit. This is about building a network of people who understand clearly what you offer and who can help you find new business opportunities.

By building relationships you get the added benefit of meeting like minded people who support each other not just in business but also in their personal lives. Now more than ever we all need a virtual hug from people who genuinely care about us.

Our events deliver business knowledge, tips and the opportunity to build life long connections. All we ask is that you come with an open mind and an open heart.

Strength through Unity = Survive and Thrive

We set up the Virtual Business Owners Network a year ago as a support mechanism for business owners struggling with the Covid-19 pandemic. Little did we realise that the vision, mission and values that we have would grow the community into the organisation we have today.
We are acutely aware of how much value we all get from networking and we should not let the current crisis break the continuity of such a valuable resource.
The vision is that we would bring together business owners who are decision makers on a regular basis for mutual support. This would be done by getting to know each other, sharing knowledge and building rapport and trust so that we promote each other when the opportunity arises
One of the exciting aspects of every Virtual Business Owners Network is the chance to virtually meet with peers from all over the world and every industry niche, from engineers and programmers to planners and designers. Experts from so many backgrounds come together to share, learn, explore, dream and grow. Join us!

We meet every Friday at 10.00am via ZOOM


We meet every Friday at 10.00am for one hour on the Zoom platform. During the event there will be a short presentation on a business topic with tips that you can use. We share information and we meet each other in breakout rooms where we get the opportunity to get to know each other and discover what opportunities are out there.

We know from speaking with those who attend regularly that considerable business is being done by members meeting with other members after the events

Sponsorship Opportunity 


We have built a strong community of nearly 200 members in less than a year and continue to attract new members weekly. Our unique offering is based on mutual support, networking and collaboration and has proved to be a welcome response to the Covid pandemic. Like all membership organisations we rely on the support of members to give of their time so that can all enjoy the benefits of collaboration and networking. There are opportunities for organisations who wish to explore strategic partnerships with us and who can deliver offerings of value or other support for our members. If you would like to find out more please contact me either by phone 087 271 1955 or email


Meet The Host

Alec Drew

Alec Drew, KBE shares his passion and knowledge around productivity and communications in the professional services sector. A major part of his 40 years in business was spent as Managing Partner of a highly successful branding agency where he worked with a wide range of CEO’s across all sectors. His insightful questioning and straight talking opened up new conversations, giving them fresh insights into their own organisations and uncovering valuable revenue streams that were previously overlooked. One strategy helped his clients achieve €3.23 billion in additional sales over a 5 year period.
He demonstrates the positive effect on shareholder value when all levels of an organisation speak the same language.  
He is a radio show host, a Certified Virtual Speaker and a member of both the Professional Speaking Association and Global Speakers Federation.
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